The Natalie & Alice Fish Story

We are the Fishes. In 2011 two of our five children; Natalie and Alice were diagnosed with a rare gene disfunction called Leaky SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency). Their condition is so rare that only two cases are reported in the U.S. each year. Both girls have endured much, and have spent most of their young lives in and out of hospitals due to common illnesess a healthy immune system would overcome. The required treatment for our girls is a bone marrow transplant.
Although the new marrow could mean a normal life for them, it will be a long and arduous road. This blog is to share our experience as parents and the courage of our children.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alice's Bald Head

Here are a couple video clips of Alice's haircut. The buzzers are annoying, just mute it. No more itching and waking up with hair all over her mouth and pillow.



  1. Your family is so amazing and it is good to hear Natalie is doing good at home. I hope and pray little Alice gets feeling better soon and can join the family at home. i couldnt imagine having my family in two different places everynight. What an amazing miracle that has taken place and what an amazing future your family is going to have being happy and healthy together. your family is so adorable your girls along with the other kids are all amazing. Hope and pray each day everything keeps going up and good for your girls and the family. love you guys.

  2. You and your family have proven that if you've been given lemons you can make lemonade. Your continued positiveness throughout this process has equally blessed all those who you feel have blessed you. You give people hope and it is refreshing to see the love and strength that shines in and through your whole family.

  3. I am so happy your kids are doing well. I love that you are embracing this time. When Emily would want to know about something we would go get a ton of books at he library and "google" it. She loved learning about dogs and anything else that caught her fancy. She developed a real passion for learning because it was things she WANTED to learn about :) Keep up the good work. Alice is being such a trooper. I am so proud of her and Natalie! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Alice! You look so beautiful. Charlie needs to get a haircut soon, too. I'm glad that you two are friends.

    Thanks, Lisy, for sharing your day-to-day feelings. It's good to know that you're feeling all the prayers and are enjoying even this difficult time.

  5. I just want to tell you what beautiful angels your little ones are. Your family has such amazing strength. I have two little ones aroud the same ages of natalie and alice. We are rooting for them every day. I am amazed at their strength. They must draw that from such wonderful parents. Your beautiful family has left an impression forever on my heart. Your beautiful family are in our prayers daily. God bless

  6. I am not surprised Blair found the best hiding spot, since both times I have met him he was really good at hiding too(: He is such a cute boy. You guys are great parents, I hope that sweet little Alice can come home to you soon.